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Jenny Green Teeth

For one of my first university assignments, I had to write two short stories. They had to contemporise some element of myth, setting it in the now. I chose to write about a lesser known myth called Jenny Greenteeth, which is thought to originate from Midlands. I also wrote about the much better known, Merlin.… Continue reading Jenny Green Teeth

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Blue Monday 

A nice bit of pathetic fallacy to kick start the gloomiest day of the year in Portsmouth. Très bleak.  To top it all I've awoken with a stinker of a cold.  But, we mustn't dwell!  To combat this miserable Monday, I'm going to use a technique from wonderful blogger Katie Brennan and hashtag some happiness through… Continue reading Blue Monday 

Portsmouth Life

Sunsetting Southsea.

Today I was gripped, as I often am, by the urge to go and see something. Since I began to read Keri Smith's The Wander Society, I seek more than ever the fresh outdoors. One big benefit of going to university in your own city is knowing the ropes already. I know where the views are… Continue reading Sunsetting Southsea.