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Seven Daily Views

I recently started an Instagram project called #DailyView. I got the idea whilst sat on the bench in the first image. The wind rustled the leaves and the day just caught my attention. I realised that we are surrounded by so much beauty every day. Anything you see with your eyes is a view.Make sure… Continue reading Seven Daily Views


GUEST BLOG – I left my heart in the Highlands

A guest blog post I wrote for the awesome Marauding JJ’s website!

Analogue John

Guest blog by Kaitlin McKenzie.

I love flying. I love the adrenaline rush of takeoff, the always-blue skies, the excitement of going somewhere new.

Or, rather, in this case, somewhere that feels like home.

As the crew prepare for landing, I sit snugly in my Easyjet economy seat and peek down through the clouds at glimpses of the land below.

IMG_3101 EasyJet

Memories of descents toward destinations like lush, green Bali or burnt-red central Australia flit through my mind. But the land below me now is nothing like those.

Dark green hills roll like waves beneath us, sand-coloured lines squiggle across the terrain, forged by busy landrovers or wandering rivers.

The hills are covered by a patchwork quilt of green, dry grey, and heather brilliantly purple even from our altitude.

These are the hills of Scotland.

I spent the cloudier part of the plane journey leafing through the in-flight magazine. One…

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Why Victorious Fest is Portsmouth at its Best

Portsmouth's Victorious Festival from the eyes of a cider and glitter loving local.

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The Perfect Bali Travel Read

A must-read for Bali lovers and visitors!! The perfect accompaniment to any Balinese adventure. A beautiful retelling of what Bali was and what it still inherently is: beautiful.

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How One Penny is Raising Thousands of Pounds for Cancer Research.

Portchester local Penny Tribe is a very busy lady, despite being a full-time mum and a part-time waitress she has still found the time to organise a huge family fundraising day, this Sunday the 23rd, in aid of Cancer Research. In our interview, she explained to me that charities which provide support to cancer patients… Continue reading How One Penny is Raising Thousands of Pounds for Cancer Research.

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My First and Best Italian Meal

Arriving in Italy late evening after a seven hour drive, and stumbling into the best restaurant in town! A gift from the travel gods! And an embarrassing language exchange!